Fried Gnocchi

The products of this section can be very easily used as “side dishes” and they are served fried; both the croquettes and the “chifeletti” go very well with meat main courses. The croquette has a fuller taste, while the “chifeletto” is an original alternative to the fried potato and is served with a pinch of salt. Moreover, the latter can also be presented as a dessert, in this case with a pinch of sugar and combined with jams or chocolate. For the whole fried dish section, it is advisable – to fully enjoy these products – to taste them hot or, even better, freshly made. In addition to the variety of size and taste with gnocchi and tronchetti’s, there is an excellent novelty dish, the ravioli filled with jamar cheese. It is a true specialty.

Production of fresh egg pasta and potato gnocchi

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