Handmade tortelloni

Our tortelloni, made strictly by hand with experience and passion, represent the maximum expression of our artisan art. Starting from our classic dough of durum wheat, egg and water, we work the sheet in a thin way and then cut it into the desired shapes, insert the filling and close each tortellone by hand one by one. At the moment, there are seven different formats with different weights, which have an estimated cooking time of around 7 minutes.

Production of fresh egg pasta and potato gnocchi



The fillings of our tortelloni are almost the same as those available for machine-made ravioli with some exceptions, and we invite you to browse our offer again. To facilitate the search and choice of fillings, these have been divided by kind and placed in alphabetical order according to their type, so the first ingredient is not necessarily the dominant one in the filling.

Prosciutto - barone.si


With Donkey stew - barone.si

With Donkey stew

with Duck Ragout - barone.si

with Duck Ragout

with Venison ragout - barone.si

with Venison ragout

with Elk ragout - barone.si

with Elk ragout

with wild Boar ragout - barone.si

with wild Boar ragout

with hare ragout - barone.si

with hare ragout

Bacon with ricotta - barone.si

Bacon with ricotta

with Speck, Potato and Onion - barone.si

with Speck, Potato and Onion

Speck and leek - barone.si

Speck and leek

Speck and rucola - barone.si

Speck and rucola

Speck and Taleggio cheese - barone.si

Speck and Taleggio cheese

Basil - barone.si


Cocoa - barone.si


Chives - barone.si


Marjoram - barone.si


Mint with mixed cheeses - barone.si

Mint with mixed cheeses

Nettle - barone.si


Burrata - barone.si


Mixed cheeses - barone.si

Mixed cheeses

Gorgonzola - barone.si


Jamar - barone.si


Montasio - barone.si


with Mozzarella and dried tomato - barone.si

with Mozzarella and dried tomato

Provola - barone.si


Ricotta cheese - barone.si

Ricotta cheese

with goat's milk Ricotta - barone.si

with goat's milk Ricotta

Taleggio cheese - barone.si

Taleggio cheese

with Ursino garlic - barone.si

with Ursino garlic

with Citrus fruit - barone.si

with Citrus fruit

Orange - barone.si


Asparagus - barone.si


Chestnut - barone.si


Artichoke - barone.si


Porcino - barone.si


Porcino and walnut - barone.si

Porcino and walnut

Porcino and truffle - barone.si

Porcino and truffle

Gorgonzola and walnut - barone.si

Gorgonzola and walnut

with lemon - barone.si

with lemon

Apple - barone.si


Apple, Taleggio chesse and horseradish - barone.si

Apple, Taleggio chesse and horseradish

Eggplant - barone.si


Blueberry - barone.si


Walnut - barone.si


Black olives - barone.si

Black olives

with Potato - barone.si

with Potato

Pear and Taleggio cheese - barone.si

Pear and Taleggio cheese

With Pistachio - barone.si

With Pistachio

Tomato and black olives - barone.si

Tomato and black olives

Leek and orange - barone.si

Leek and orange

Leek - barone.si


Leek and Taleggio cheese - barone.si

Leek and Taleggio cheese

Radicchio and ricotta - barone.si

Radicchio and ricotta

with red radicchio and potato - barone.si

with red radicchio and potato

Red chicory and Gorgonzola - barone.si

Red chicory and Gorgonzola

Red chicory and Taleggio cheese - barone.si

Red chicory and Taleggio cheese

Rosa Gorizia - barone.si

Rosa Gorizia

Rucola - barone.si


Rucula and Stracchino cheese - barone.si

Rucula and Stracchino cheese

Spinach - barone.si


Truffle - barone.si


Pumpkin, mustard and Amaretto - barone.si

Pumpkin, mustard and Amaretto

with Bass - barone.si

with Bass

Shrimps - barone.si


Prawn and asparagus - barone.si

Prawn and asparagus

Prawn and radicchio - barone.si

Prawn and radicchio

Prawn and rucola - barone.si

Prawn and rucola

Prawn and Courgette - barone.si

Prawn and Courgette

With Swordfish  - barone.si

With Swordfish

with Sea urchin pulp - barone.si

with Sea urchin pulp

with Scampi - barone.si

with Scampi

Shrimps and Stracchino cheese - barone.si

Shrimps and Stracchino cheese

Smoked salmon - barone.si

Smoked salmon

Smoked salmon and horseradish - barone.si

Smoked salmon and horseradish

with Mackerel - barone.si

with Mackerel

with Tuna - barone.si

with Tuna

with Trout - barone.si

with Trout

Salted cod - barone.si

Salted cod

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